Friday, May 25, 2012

Been A While

Hey, It's been a while. I'm just going to leave this here. Awesome awesome video!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Knowing Yourself

A really inspiring video of actress Thandie Newton (of which I just remember MI:2 haha). In this video of her TEDtalk, she discusses her discoveries both as a person of multiple cultures and a person who portrays different characters on screen.

A very beautiful talk if I say so myself as it inspires us to look within ourselves and using this newly found understanding, unlock our potential in what we do in our everyday lives. I wish I had the same kind of self reflection and awareness that she has. Maybe someday, but for now, all I can do for myself is to understand.

May your searching be fruitful and inspiring for others. :)

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

What will you try?

Here is an awesome video about trying new things in your life. This is a video of Matt Cutts giving a fun and simple TEDtalk about how to try something you've always wanted to do.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

In The Company of Actors

When I was small, my parents would always tell me to find friends who share my interests. Never would I have imagined that theater would be that interest and find myself in the company of thespians. It was indeed a choice I made back in college, and it seems to have been a turning point of some sort, because if I chose differently back then, I would have been in the company of an entirely different

But jokes aside, I do share their passion for the theater art form; but I did so in a different way. Most of my thespian friends were, of course, performers. The stage was there canvas, as some people would say, and they painted it very well. I, on the other hand, built the canvas they painted on. While they performed, I watched, and made sure nothing went wrong. I was a stage manager. So whenever I saw them perform, I was always at a loss for words at how good they were, and then made sure the lights worked and the books on the damn bookshelf stayed together! :p

But that's long past. I have graduated from college (thank god!), I have a job as a manager of an NGO, and I am still in the company of the same group of people. Although we have had different jobs and occupations, performing was always the thing that brought us together. (well, for them, I just made sure nobody got hurt or too drunk on many an occasion)

Now, I see them make something of themselves as performers out there in a world that's more cutthroat and competitive as time goes by. And by far, as I see them prepare and practice, I realized that they do deserve that elusive spotlight. I realized that they have talent that is so bright, people will still see it in the dark. It may not be today, or tomorrow, but I firmly believe that one day, I will go check a newspaper or go online and see their names in the bright lights of stage. That's what people like me do, believe in the people who go onstage, and hope that they do their part well.

So I'm in the company of actors. A group of people who will go make a name for themselves someday. Although I'm cut from a different cloth, I still share the same passion as them. The world is their stage. And although the road may be hard for them; hey, helping them make the journey smooth is my job to begin with. And it's a job I would gladly do.


Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ignorance isn't bliss



Definition of BULLY

transitive verb
: to treat abusively
: to affect by means of force or coercion

Details coming soon.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

A Fun Little Story

This is a picture narrative of a heartwarming story of courage, strength, and eternal hope.

This is the story of...


One day, at Forging Around, Jill is doing the usual work of talking to boys, I mean clients about various swords and the usual metallurgy. Then suddenly...

A man bursts into the smithy, saying, "One of the children from the party is MISSING!" Jill was shocked! Nothing like this has happened before! With her wits about, she decided to try to find the child...

Ignoring the weird fact that the two men enjoyed that conversation about the lost kid, Jill said to herself, "I shall make a bell so the child could hear it and come back!" So with her talent at hand she starts preparing her...


With heat in place...

Her artistry overflows...

"I will make this the best bell that FORGING AROUND has created," Jill shouted as she pounded the raw metal!

With each strike of the hammer, the metal shone like no other until...

The metal gave off a brilliant light! "Good, I'm halfway there," Jill said to herself. But all the forging sapped her strength.

She retreated upstairs to her room, trying to rest and sooth her painful hands, but the thought of the missing child was too much for her to stay idle. "The child is not given rest out there, so neither will I!"

She went and decided to work, even in the darkest hours of the night until she realizes in horror that she just ran out of supplies. "Crap!," she said to herself. But not all is lost. She suddenly thought that the town shoppe might still be open!

Hoping against hope, she hurried into the messenger post, hoping the night messenger wasn't finished making his rounds. "If I can just write down the stuff I need, maybe there's a chance that...that..OMG...CRAP! There's a guy coming toward me!!!!!"

Turning ever so slowly, she realized it was the same boy she had spoken to earlier. She had enough of this boy..but he insisted on chatting. "OMG..I'm tired of this," she thought to herself but she obliged to give an ear to the boy's whimsical conversation. But that proved harsh, because after everything was done, she realized she sent the letter an hour and a half after. She thought it might already be too late.

And it was true. The night messenger came and said the shoppe was already closed. Fighting with fatigue and lack of sleep, Jill is finding the strength not to give up. She decided if the shoppe could not deliver her the materials, she would have to get it herself! Channeling the deepest hope in her heart, Jill set forth to find the materials she needed.

She traveled far to the graveyard and found the mystical ore she needed. But she needed to strike it to bring out its power. But she was tired, sleepy and her body was in pain. But the thought of the child in this darkness brought out her inner strength. So with all her might and soul, she shouted...




And with that strike, the ore permanently glowed. It was then she knew she had it. She went back to Forging Around and completed her mighty bell.

Fully rested the next day, Jill set forth ringing the bell and relaying to the townfolk to report if they have seen a missing child wandering trying to reach the sound of the bell. 

And for a while, it seemed she hit another rut, but good fortune smiles on the hardworking. She met an old lady who informed her of a child coming out of a bush in the forest just a while ago. Glowing with hope, Jill sets forth for the forest.

And hope was celebrated as she found the missing child. The boy wandered off because he was bored. Jill told him not to do it again. And as the boy walks off back to town, Jill felt a rush of experience flow through her, truly this was a moment that made her a better person.

So this is the end of such a tale. A tale of challenges and the inner strength to believe that you can overcome them. Let this be an inspiration to all. For nothing can compare to the heat of one's resolve and the hammer of one's fortitude..much like the forge of..


*The End*

Join us next time for another heroic character's adventure to the unknown...

PS - Maw, Peace tayo! :p

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

To be able to influence a person's life for the better, either during workshops or otherwise.

Ask the Joy

Friday, April 15, 2011

Happiness to the Unlearned

People often say, and in fact, most of us would hear that there are people who have found "a happiness that changed their life". All of us would want that right? The funny thing is most of these people who accomplished such a feat would tell you that the secret to it is to, "live positively" in other words, "be happy". I might have missed a memo somewhere because of course you're going to find're happy! I'm happy all the time, so why doesn't it feel life-changing? So I guess I'm one of the unlearned, one of the people who want this happiness that people speak of. But I believe that to learn of this happiness is not totally impossible. I guess start with what makes you happy.

For me, happiness cannot stand on it's own. It has to cling to something that makes it tangible for you. A favorite toy makes me happy, food makes me happy, friends make me happy. But somehow that is not the kind of happiness that I'm looking for in this case. How can these be life-changing? Funnily enough, a friend of mine gave me a clue.

My friend text messages me after we hung out that she was happy just seeing me. I apologized beforehand because I thought I didn't do much, just sat there and watched people walk by. But that didn't matter. My presence actually made someone happy. Then it hits me. I'm not that sure of it, but maybe I can learn this life-changing happiness when I change other people's lives by making them happy. It's a step beyond which opens up to whole lot more.

I'm still trying to get there (hope you guys have better luck than me). In that instant, in that simple text message, I realized that I can make a person happy just by being there. How many people's lives do you think you changed because you made them happy just by being there? Imagine, if you gather all that happiness you have given, then you arrive at a happiness and fulfillment that is greater than yourself. And to think, that's just being there. What more if you actually did something or gave something?! And that not even counting the times your friends made you happy because they were there for you. Bottom line, happiness is HUGE, and you are just the tip of the iceberg.

Due to that, I may have shed a little light on my query. I can't say I learned what those famous and wise people experienced, but I definitely can say that I know why it would be life-changing. So as I look at the people who make me happy and the people I shared happiness with, I continue on this journey and maybe one day, I can be one of those people. I now have a path, which I hope you guys can join in too. Be the happiness that changes people, and someday it might change you.

Happy Searching! :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Joy Rise Dissected

There are a lot people (And it may include you) that may wonder what is this term I keep yelling, saying, chanting, or even acting it out whenever I'm with friends. In fact, there are a couple of people who asked me what the hell is Joy Rise about and how did it come to be synonymous to who I am. I'm writing this in hopes of shedding some light into the matter.

It started in the once awesome hangout known as the barracks. Whenever we hung out there, my friends and I more often than not begin to reminisce on anything that involves our childhood (Cartoons, music, toys, food, etc.) Since Gnossis (their computer) was there, we would load up songs from the depths of nostalgia and wallow in the memories these songs brought us in the past. For some reason, the music turned to Techno. Then all the cheezy techno music of my grade school and high school days came flooding back in.

One song that eventually came up was this song called "Let The Joy Rise (Thunderpuss 2000 club mix)" by Abigail, and yes, that is the actual title. This song was ALWAYS coupled with another favorite "Happy" by the Squareheads. They ALWAYS get played one after the other during those times. they were sort of the highlight songs of the night or something.

And so, while I was with friends at the barracks, I told the story of how in all techno songs, there is a climax part where the song just prompts the crowd to go their wildest. "Let The Joy Rise" had that moment down! And as I demonstrated how people would act while at this peak, the alternating hands toward the sky action while looking up, soon became known as The Joy Rise to my friends.

So you know where it came from..but that is just the first part of this long epic tale!


I was planning my 90's themed birthday dinner. So I downloaded 90's songs including the famous Joy Rise. When I searched (more like hunted) a downloadable copy, I came across a Youtube video of the song with lyrics.

Reading the lyrics and understanding it struck a chord in me. Behind the flashy techno beat and very very catchy tune lies a message that resonates with me. It's knowing a way to lift yourself up. It's keeping the smile, keeping the happiness, keeping the joy rising. And ever since that time I re-read the lyrics, I've always tried to make the the joy rise every time. It may seem like I'm just being a party animal whenever I'm with my friends, and looking at it, it may seem so. But the difference, for me anyway, is that whenever I do "let the joy rise" I know, for that moment, for that night, for that meeting, I gave them a reason to smile and be happy. And when life throws you shitty stuff left and right, reasons to smile start to come few and far between one another.

Again, It's knowing a way to lift yourself and go beyond that by lifting up other people. That's why I Joy Rise on every occasion. It's a chance for me to help people stop dwelling and start rising. And seeing my friends happy is what lifts me up, so it serves me a double purpose as well.

So the Joy Rise started out as a joke, then it turned into a philosophy. My dream is for it to be a movement because can you imagine people joy rising other people?!

That's something I most probably would like to see. :)

Smile guys! You can do it!

Monday, April 11, 2011

A Point in Leadership

Who says old leaders can't learn new tricks? Here is a video, brought to you by TEDtalks, about the changes of dynamic leadership in this digital age and the importance of shared goals in uplifting morale of both the individual and the group. I find this video really inspiring and the speaker points out certain aspects of leadership that resonate with my own view of what a leader should be! Happy viewing! Lead the Change!

Friday, April 08, 2011

Time to be a HERO

I'm proud of these programs so I can vouch for their quality! Inquire about our programs today! We are open to schools, youth organizations and corporations! Let's all create a culture of Heroism!

Here is a primer on my baby, the Hero in Me workshops:

C'mon! Be the Change. :)

Friday, April 01, 2011

As I Write This...

As of this moment, there are a bunch of people getting together partying and joy rising somewhere in Makati. This bunch of people might seem like your ordinary, run-of-the-mill party folk but actually, there's more to them than meets the eye (and no, they are not robots, it would be cool if they were though).

This bunch of people are the kind of people that go to parties to forget their worries (sometimes, facing them). They miss each other even though they see each other every so often (with a few exceptions). They are there where the music hits hardest, rocking to tunes and singing along as if fate has brought them together. Worries and bad vibes have no place within this bunch of people. They are having a good time, some in excess for those who could not make it, and some, to bring themselves up from whatever pits they were before. As the bass hits, and the guitar strings vibrate, I know these bunch of people are shouting, raising their drinks and cheering themselves on, sometimes to the detriment of onlookers, but who cares? They see each meeting as fate, each shout in unison as rare experiences.

Now, you might think that these bunch of people are all that, but I tell you their not. Just as an amazing set ends, so does silences and low points enter. These people also have their burdens to carry outside their partying. Some may be heavier than others, but after the music dies down, they return to their game faces. They walk their paths in solitude, but they are never alone.

As I write this, a bunch of people are out in Makati, smiling and joy rising. And you are wondering why I'm not part of it. But I am. Of course I can't hear the banging of the drums or shredding of the guitar or even see the wave of hands going up and down as they cheer for awesome music. I'm there whenever they smile, and believe me, I know they are smiling right now. The thing with this group of people is you don't need to be there, to be with them. When a group of people like them get together, they bring everyone. So I know I'm with them. They brought me there. They are making me jump with them, making me sing until my lungs explode. To this end, this bunch of people will always amaze me.

By now you must be wondering who these bunch of people are. Some of you may even have guessed it already: friends. Everyone has them. I, for one, feel especially lucky for these bunch of people I call friends because even though I'm here at home, typing away about them, they are partying and letting the joy rise for everyone. Sometimes I wonder what I did to have this privilege of belonging to this group. Funnily enough, whenever I do bunch up with them, I always forget why I asked that question in the first place.

What to write when you can't move

Literally. In case some of you don't know, I have a hereditary deficiency to breakdown uric acid in my body. So I break it down more slowly than others, which piles up because I excrete uric acid like any other person. So ultimately, the acid forms crystals inside my veins. Being the anti-petiks beings that our bodies are, these crystals are deemed "alien" and seen as a threat (wow, sounds like a movie I watched before). So anti-bodies cling on to these crystals and fight it off. The by-product of the battle is swelling. So when crystals form, more or less the veins swell. As you know with anything that swells, if you put pressure on it, it can hurt. I suffer this kind off pain. This thing more or less goes by the name of GOUT, and yes, I have in right now. *pain*

I'm no medical expert, so I'm not sure how accurate I explained the condition. But I just drew from my countless research and experiences of it. Right now, my right knee and right foot are the battlegrounds. Simply speaking, I cannot use my right leg right now. So here I am typing away.

Whenever I get an attack, I feel like everything I did to prevent it was for naught. Uric acid, you see, is a very normal substance in the body. Exercise too strenuously, you excrete it. Don't exercise, it just builds up. Anything with protein, uric acid is excreted. So basically, whatever I do, I build up the acid. I tried eating right, I tried exercising regularly. But every so often, I get an attack. It's terribly hard to try and maintain something when you don't know when it's going to appear. Like for instance, this time it started with a discomfort on my said knee. DISCOMFORT. I played frisbee last weekend and my body ached bad. I thought that was part of it. Next morning, voila, gone right leg motor skills. And by the way, the swelling stays for at least a week.

So because of this deficiency, I have missed meetings, meet ups with dear friends, and just walking outside. There is NO cure for this deficiency. But sometimes you have to roll with the punches. I have accepted this a long time ago. The longest interval between attacks for me was a year and two months. I was and still am proud of that achievement. I still plan on beating that record after this attack subsides. I just keep setting my goals farther, you know because I believe I can reach an interval of two years, or three years even. Life is never too heavy to hang up your gloves. There's always the next round. And when that bell rings, when whatever that's attacking you slows its momentum, you got to go for it! Don't let up, because you never know when that opportunity will arise again.

Whether it's a disease, a person, or a future unknown, everyone has something pulling them down. You going to give up? Not me because when this swelling subsides, when I hear the next round go DING! I'm coming in hard and I'm aiming far! And when I look beside me, I want to see you guys alongside me, pushing further and going farther, leaving some acid or whatever it is that's pulling you down behind.

So I have gout. It got me this round, there's always next round.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

If you had a day to volunteer, where would you volunteer?

If I had to volunteer...

I would volunteer for an NGO, especially the one called YouthAid Philippines! :)

or I would volunteer to teach underprivileged children. Always loved doing that.

Ask the Joy

Friday, March 25, 2011

A time to be heroes

Life as we know it

People have just got to trust life. Life knows what it is doing. After all, it just takes it's direction from where you aim it. It may throw you to happy times, and it may throw you more crap than you wanted. Life takes it's form from who you are, and sometimes, people just need to back off a little and appreciate where life took them. If life took the scenic route, reminisce on the memories that made you smile, and if life took a bumpy ride, remember and treasure the things that made you strong enough to see it through.

So whether you're still riding the life's wave, or just starting to aim life at a certain direction, or even standing on where life already took you, appreciate it. There is beauty there. There is happiness there. Life is intrinsically positive, so should you. :)

Life is where you aim it.

Are you ready? Ok, aim...go! Ride life with a smile. I'll be catching you all on the flipside. :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

What time does to the forgotten

They get ignored. I apologize for not paying much attention to this blog. I have never been a responsible blogger since I never update regularly (if you call every few months regular, then I'm in the clear). But months ago I made a promise to use this blog for a purpose, and even if no one reads it, I'm still pushing for it.

Negativity was never my strongest suit, but here I go!

Due to recent events, both inside and outside of my circles of influence, I realized that there is a lot of depressing and dismal things going around that it can drive any person to the brink of hopelessness. I can't say I blame them. No matter how a person like me says that everything will be alright, I know that in some cases, it doesn't. Most of the time, it gets REALLY harder. So as time continues, we tend to forget that there is that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. After all, when you're so deep in the dark, that light seems too faint to grasp.

So people get stuck. They join in being forgotten like the light they once had. They hide themselves in their routines, their plastic smiles, their once bright memories. Sometimes people just choose to hide in the dark alone.

but the thing is...YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Everyone is finding their way through the dark. The light is not at the end of the tunnel, in my opinion, it's in finding a hand to hold on to in this darkness. It's feeling warmth in this cold. It's never forgetting the hands you have held on to. So find solace in the hands that you hold. It is in solitude, rather than being alone, that you see better in the dark.

So in these dark times, we can help each other be each other's light. It will be difficult, and like I said, it's going to get worse before it actually lightens up but we have each other. Always remember that you have people willing to hold your hand. People who remember you before the darkness. And that, my friend, makes all the difference.


It'll make the darkness that much brighter.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dusting it off

It has been a while. But I hope I can remedy that starting now. To those who believe in change, we often wonder by what measure should we be basing it on. It is definitely a valid point since without bases, how can we know if we're doing a good job?

But from a talk I watched in, an abstract goal like A worthwhile life can be indeed measured. So as you listen to this talk, I hope you find it in yourself to dare yourself to come up with something similar. :)

Happy living, and good luck on your goals.

Monday, November 08, 2010

what's your biggest priority now?

Work. Making something out of myself. That's it. I really want to find that thing that'll make me say the "Do something you're passionate about..." speech and people WILL believe me out of the sheer contentment in my eyes.

I have a few friends who already found it. I'm happy for them. Now it's my turn. :)

Ask the Joy

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Rolling With The Changes

I'am finally EMPLOYED. Yes, it has been a long time coming, but I have finally bit the bullet and went into the world of 9-5pm desk jobs and menial office hours. As I have tried to live off of rackets, which didn't bode too well for me, so this change is indeed a welcome one. I realized that no matter how idealistic we are, we always need to keep in mind that we work under a certain framework, a certain reality. This does not entail that I am willing to just become a mindless robot. We change our immediate circles of influence to emit more and bigger changes. I learned something, of all places, from watching a glimpse of Oprah interviewing some person who worked as a waitress. That person said,

"If you do average great, then your dreams can become a reality."

Then it struck me. No matter how menial or normal a person's job may be, there is still room for idealism and greatness. I may not have the job of my dreams, but I plan to make it my greatest work yet. And as changes like this new opportunity keep rolling along, I keep thinking to myself that maybe the fates are starting to move my dreams closer to my grasp after all.

To all who have work, Be GREAT in it! It isn't necessarily what you wanted, but keep in mind that every little triumph in that workplace makes it worthwhile! :)

Thank you IPC! Glad to be aboard! :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Change Doesn't Have An Age Limit

For someone to bring about change, it has to come from the most noble of ideas. And nothing says noble than that of the pure ideas of a kid. Being a kid means to be idealistic. When we were young, we all wanted to be heard, to be able to talk to the people that matter and say to them that our ideas are gold. That our ideas can and will change this world for the better. We just need to be heard and listened to with respect, not like some cute little baby who said his/her first word, but as someone who wants to have something better than what the world is currently offering them. Listening to the youth is an untapped resource on how to make the world a better place.

But for ourselves, bringing our voice to the people that matter is a difficult, if not entirely impossible, endeavor. We lose something  as we go through the gears and cogs of our society and end up "growing out" of this idealism. Then we see other people, more youthful than ourselves, thinking, or perhaps, regretting that we didn't do as much as we wanted with that enthusiasm that we had before. But all is not lost.

We teach our youth to dream BIG and live LARGE. We should create the world to cater to that humongous freedom we gave them. Believe in yourselves and in what you can do. It is not to late to talk to the people that matter and tell them you got some ideas you want to share. How can we give our children idealism when we ourselves do not possess it. Age is not a hindrance to positive change whether you're 12 or you're 60. Every person has an idea to make this place we are living in better. Listen to them and maybe, just maybe, that idea might just save this world.

To end, I give you a video I saw at Facebook. It's of Severn Suzuki, a then 12 year old girl talking to the dignitaries of states of the UN during the year 1992. Listen to her and you might find out that what she was clamoring for 18 years ago, is more or less similar to what we are clamoring for now.

Be agents of positive change everyone!!! :)

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Being Part of A Change

Last Tuesday and Wednesday, I was tasked to attend the Asian Institute of Management Leadership Development Conference for Social Change. It was my first foray into the world of leadership development. It was awkward at first, but I really enjoyed the whole experience. It showcased the dialog between the different sectors of Philippine society (NGO, corporate, government, youth) on what leadership is and what type the country needs.

Here is a brief rundown of what happened to me during the conference!

Day 1 aka The "I-don't-know-why-I'm-here" Day

  • I went to AIM not knowing what to expect (but I read our primer and our programs so I hope I explained it correctly to anyone who asked)
  • The Opening speech of Sec. Robredo was really good. It was a good way to start the conference as a whole
  • I met a few people even before the program began: An NGO worker in Cagayan I think, and a representative of the AFP.
    • AFP people are apparently very talkative
  • The first activity was a world cafe. I was bunched up with a handful of people which names I forget
    • We took turns talking about the leadership programs that we do and our most fulfilling moment during our work (cheesy)
  • Among them were a particular group called Lubid (i think) which excels in outdoor leadership training seminars
  • On second round of world cafe, the table I ended up in was more serious (due to the fact that most of them were old people..joke)
    • They had a discussion (or should I say debate) on what leadership actually is
  • After the world cafe, we had lunch

Day 1: afternoon aka youth sector talks
  • It was a 3-person forum on leadership
    • Oberta (i think) is the program head of AYLC
    • A person who does a leadership/legislation academic practicum for muslims in Mindanao
    • A commissioner of the NYC (National Youth Congress)
  • During this time, I met with people in OUR sector that cater to OUR market
      • Representatives of Ateneo Office of Student Affairs
      • A company called asia21, which excels in providing mentorship of various fields
      • Team Energy of AIM who seem interested in collaborating a more solid leadership program
      • Jo-ar, A representative of the PMA
      • Pam Banawa, a representative of the Comission on Youth of the Archdiocese of Novaliches also might be in need of a leadership program that caters to the spirituality of the youth
        • She was my blockmate in College
  • End of Day 1

Day 2: Just like meeting friends Day

  • Had small group discussions on the major issues of leadership development of the country
    • Youth group had three major areas of concern
      • Identity - What is a FILIPINO kind of leadership?
      • Organization - Frameworks and Marketability
      • Sustainability - Continuous development after programs
  • I was chosen to be one of the representatives of the youth sector at the overall plenary discussion of the different sectors
  • I was nervous
  • But they laughed at my jokes
  • People said good job daw after our presentation
  • I'm Happy
I really enjoyed the conversations, debates, and discussions on leadership development. since being an agent of change is what I aim for, this offered me a good avenue to share my mind with like-minded individuals. If anyone of you is interested in following this project please feel free to go to their facebook page for more information: (

P.S - That's me in the middle! :) Be agents of change everyone! 

Mamaw Geek Movie Trailer of the Week

It's not really a "of the week" kind of thing but I needed a flashy title for this post. haha

This is a movie trailer for Zack Snyder's (300, Watchmen) ORIGINAL concept movie entitled Sucker Punch. As far as original concept movies go, they have had a good track record so far. From Avatar (NOT THE M.Nightmare one), to Inception, and now to this. I feel really stoked and excited about it. And here's why:

  • It's about girls in an asylum who want to escape (this is the basic premise I think)
  • Girls turn into dancers in a brothel who wield guns of many varieties (and I learned they also sing and dance in the movie)
  • Some girls wear japanese school girl outfits who wield samurai swords to fight armored japanese troll giants wielding gatling guns
  • Robots/mecha suit girls that fight off a DRAGON and neo-nazis and their technology
You might be wondering that maybe I'm describing different movies. Well, I kid you not. You be the judge!

Watch out for this one!

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Weird Topics of Late

You might be wondering why the last two posts are weird. Well, I decided to connect this blog to my account. You guys can ask me anything there then it will be published here as well. A little something to get to know me better. :)

bakit ka torpe?

Wow. straight to the point! hahaha!

I'll give you a straight answer then: I'm a really shy person. (I can hear the wehhhhhhhhhhhhhhs na). No really, I find it hard to confront people and say what I feel (even if it's not the romantic kind). If you would hang out with me, you'd know I joke around a lot (and some might think I'm doing well in the girls department because of it), but that's only because that's what I do to keep myself...for lack of a better term...interesting.

But the truth is I'm not all that outspoken. I always have moments where I stop and distance myself from a group. I don't know why I do it, maybe I have a knack of knowing when I know nobody's paying attention to me. And yes, I do make friends easily, but to actually say my intentions to girl I like? hahaha, asa. Again, that's my curse, I'm trying to rectify it, but I'm not there yet.

And if you think because I'm scared of rejection and whatnot, I actually welcome it because I know before facing that kind of pain, I'll have to go through happiness with "her".

So cut me some slack, I'm getting there. :)

Ask the Joy

Saturday, July 31, 2010

when do you cry?

Only when things get REALLY unbearable for me. Like unbearable anger, pain, sadness, etc. I don't usually show it to other people, but I did have my moments.

On the lighter side, I do cry during scenes of unbearable emotion (i.e when mufasa died in lion king haha). Even some romantic teen comedies make me cry.

I'm a very...uhhh...empathic person i guess, I get swayed by strong emotions easily. :P

Ask the Joy

Monday, July 26, 2010


There are times where the best is naturally shown through talent. Then there is The Last Airbender. Sometimes being the best means to look at the stuff that show otherwise so we are shown the right path. hahaha!

Thanks to maw for the link. :P

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lemme Show You How It's Done

I have always LOVED the show So You Think You Can Dance. Being a frustrated dancer (as in really frustrated), The show's contestants always amaze me on how much they can accomplish through movement. Sometimes, I like it better than American Idol (or maybe because I like to watch people dance rather than sing) in such a way that there's more to watch and the different styles are more diverse. But here in the show, when you see something amazing, it truly is AMAZING, no gray area of it's okay or it's good enough. An example of this is a person named Alex Wong.

He joined last year's season but couldn't continue because he was invited by the American Ballet Company. He is a REALLY good ballet dancer, no exaggeration. But when he joined again this season, He had to do a routine with Twitch, a REALLY good hiphop dancer. You guessed it, it was a Hiphop routine choreographed by none other than NappyTabs, A REALLY good pair of choreographers. So what do you get when you put together a REALLY good ballet dancer, a REALLY good hiphop dancer, and REALLY good choreographers?

MAMAW! Alex Wong, ikaw na.

Of Absences and Beaches

I have been absent in posting these past few days because of numerous (albeit some of them geeky) reasons. For the most part, I have been entertaining my relatives who are visiting us from the U.S. That's one. The other is that as part of this entertaining role, I went on a family trip to Cebu and Bohol (which by the way are really AWESOME places to spend your vacation). Since I had an awesome time there, might as well tell the little details of my family trip.

First off, CEBU. I spent a total of TWO (2) days there and I liked what I experienced. It felt a little like Manila at times (uhhhh..Hi SM and AYALA) but overall, I like what Cebu offered me during my stay. My family and I stayed at Tambuli Resort East Wing. ( The Resort was nice enough: they offered decent rooms, WIFI!!!, free breakfast, a pool, and a beach front. For a family on a budget, it's a great resort ALTHOUGH, transportation between resorts can be EXPENSIVE! Just a fair warning.

                               This was exactly the room I stayed in                                        Poolside

Then there was the second resort we went to:
Shangri-la Mactan ( Ang MAMAW nung place! Really awesome resort design, awesome staff and amenities (the service is so good, there is someone literally greeting you a good day EVERY 5 yards or so...I counted :p). Although the pools and beach fronts are supposedly exclusive for hotel guests, as my friend would say, "just pretend that you belong."

                                                                 LANDSCAPING WIN!

Next Stop: BOHOL!

Bohol (Panglao to be exact), is what Boracay was 10 years ago (relatively). The white sand was there, the island-ish and isolated vibe was there too. I liked it actually. Felt homey unlike Boracay now which for me feels like one big Embassy. Most of the people there are either Koreans or Americans, which I got to talk to during my stay (wassup STEVE! :p). 

We stayed at Lost Horizon Resort ( while my balikbayan relatives stayed at Amarella Resort ( Lost Horizon was a really nice place considering it was only 1.7k a night. It had WIFI, an LCD television, Aircon, Pool, and was located near the beach. Not bad for a burgeoning island paradise. The beach located near it is not much but the thing about Bohol is that you need to ride a boat to get to the pristine turquoise colored water beaches the province offers. The boat ride, amidst haggling like mad, comes down to 1.5k but you can bring around 10 people so it's not that expensive. Once we got a boat a lot of things became available: Dolphin Watching, Fish Sanctuary Snorkeling, Sand Bar Swimming, etc. It's a days worth of stuff to do! I recommend it actually. If you have at least 3 days in Bohol, I'd suggest devoting one day in beach tours, then a day land tours (chocolate hills and tarsiers, which are really small by the way) so you can get the most out of your stay.

But like the movie The Beach, even paradises like these are discovered eventually. Our resort was dubbed, "Mini Boracay" for its nightlife. Small eateries and bars open at night and some even have dinner entertainment like jazz singers and bands. It was still nice to walk around, but it was getting eerily close to the boracay set up. Add to this the news that Bohol is building an international airport in Panglao, then I guess the it'll catch up to the Bora style of things in the coming years.

Either way, I really had a blast. It was four days of relaxation and fun. I needed it actually, I'm glad I was able to go. So that's why I haven't been able to post here. Don't you worry, I picking up the slack as they say. I'll be posting more stuff soon! Can't wait to go back with my friends! Yes, it's a lot of fun with family, but it'll be awesome with friends.

And who was the one taking the pictures?

Until the next time!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Music to make your heart stand and your troubles leave

I just came from a REALLY awesome gig last night! Kudos to Stories of Now for producing a night of celebrated artistry and overall good times. The bands who participated were all awesome in their own right: some up-and-coming while others seasoned veterans. Can't wait to hear more from them in the future Songs and Stories productions.

But one band in particular stood out. Maybe because it has been a while since I got to watch them perform. But after months of not seeing them, One Walks Away is as electrifying as ever! (and I'm not talking about the electrocuting that was happening that night haha :p) It's good to see them back in their game. And to think, they went on a break because some members of the band were fathers-to-be! haha! MAMAW talaga! If these guys start doing regular gigs again, you guys owe it to yourselves to catch them.

To give you a taste of their is a video from their "acoustic phase" back when they were called streamline. This is an original by them entitled Leave. Hope you enjoy the song (or appreciate what the song talks about hahaha)! :)

*To all aspiring musicians out there, just continue to play, no matter what!

Thursday, July 08, 2010


Everyday, whenever I walk around the city, I see people walk with their "outside" face on. Now when I say "outside" face, I mean like a game face without playing any game. It's like everyone is gonna bite you when you greet them or something. To be fair, they just have walls to protect them from strangers, after all, we are not safest city in the world. But it is here that I see a chance at changing people's lives at the small scale.

A simple smile can turn around anyone's day for the better. A smile from people you smile to can actually guarantee it. That smile they gave you can make them more up beat for work that day, or make them forget about a problem and help them focus more on what's at hand. It's an imprint that you make, although not permanent, that will change the course of that day for them. I try to do that all the time. Letting someone take your spot in the elevator while smiling at them. These are actions that people shrug off at the end of day, but what they remember is that the day was different. You made it different. It's not a lasting change, but hey, it's something to be proud of.

Being the best at what you do is one thing, helping people be the best at what they do is another. To end, here is a video that I find really inspiring. Get a group of friends and try it out! Enjoy! :)

To start of my "new" blog, here is a video of a REALLY awesome violinist who not only is a geek, but makes geek look really cool. Enjoy!

*Thanks to "maw" for showing the video to me. :)

Welcome to my "new" blog.

I've decided to make this my general purpose blog and gear it towards a more "positive" direction. I got myself a new look and decided to write anything I'm interested in. More importantly, however, is this little goal I have for myself and this blog. And since this is a rebirth of sorts, I'm going to explain the new concept now:


A colloquial, Filipino word used by people in my generation (kids these days don't actually use it anymore...I think they use "imba" now). It means, literally, monster. Applied to skills and talents, it means one has monster skills and talents. That word is reserved for people who excel. To people at their best. Now you know the concept, now to share my goal:

To make myself and others MAMAW.

I won't be including this theme in all of my posts, but I will direct them in this general direction. So not everything will be inspirational, but most of it will be positive. Not everything will be relevant, but most of it will be interesting. Being the best, and sharing the best, so that others will be at their best (sounds like a tagline haha).

So stay tuned for this new direction. And welcome. Mamaw starts now. :)

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

This is the beginning of a new age for my blog. Call it a rebirth if you will.
Stay tuned.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Hi again. :)

Wow! now, It's really been sooooooooooo long since my last post. I just remembered to write out of sheer boredom. But as I look back at my previous posts, it seems that boredom really does fuel my passion in writing in this very old and ancient blog. hahaha

Another chapter in my Chronicle that is my life. I already graduated from Ateneo. It's been a good 6 years of very eclectic college education. I can't say I have enjoyed all of it, but it was indeed a big experience I wouldn't change if I were given a chance. It was different, much how different everyday of our lives are, and because of this, it sort of prepared me for rough (and mostly boring) times ahead.

I have inadvertently taken a year before realizing that being delayed in school doesn't bode well to the would-be employers of my future career (of which I still haven't figured out just yet). I have dabbled in some rackets to keep the money train chugging. Fortunately, all of them were good experiences for me. I still am not jaded from work like most post graduate workers feel.

But aside from that, my social life has gotten a tad bit different than last you heard from me. and NO, the elusive girl for me is still being elusive. I have seen a particular one actually, let's just say that her smile is one of the things I really want to protect. After all, all girls get prettier the moment they start smiling. What I meant, actually, was I found a semi-niche group of friends. We hang out most if not all the time now. It feels great. For a person who wrote emo (I'm sorry, they were still called senti) poems in high school, I'm really grateful for being able to share memories with them. It feels...right.

Wow, this entry seems like a long one. So I'll stop right here. Until the next spurt of boredom then. Oh wait it's valentine's...demn...deja vu. :P

Friday, February 16, 2007

ahhhh...long time again eh? hahaha I just can't get myself to update this regularly. oh well, at least this is better than nothing right?

Today's my birthday! I'm 22 years old now. God, time really does fly, whether you're having fun or not. I look back and wonder if I can really say that I have done a lot upto now. I'm so intertwined with my academic life that I feel like I haven't done much. It's all reading, writing, studying, reporting. When I see my friends with their theses and business proposals, my mind always wanders to the shoulda woulda couldas of my academic yesteryears. But right now, I'm here, still alive, and definitely kicking! I face whatever wrath or hell's fury that await me. Hellfire and Brimstone? I say Bring it!

Of course, since It's my birthday, it is also a known fact that another special day has just recently passed, that's right, Valentines! I usually treat this day as a day I would comfort countless people who have it hard during this intense day. But this year, it was different. Finally, for the first time ever, I, myself, sucked in my pride, and gave a girl a rose. This is not one of those debutante shindigs, mind you. In putting it in more cliche terms, I finally made that leap of faith. The girl was someone special. But alas, she was kind enough, and honest enough, to tell me right off the bat, that she wasn't interested. I can hear the awwwws coming from you guys, but note that I'm happy. I don't regret it! That leap of faith helped me in ways I can't fully comprehend. It's as if my world brightened up, not in the happiness kind of way, but in a clarity kind of way. And it's all thanks to that girl, I will always like her..that i think, will never change.
Why do I like her? Well, that's a story worthy of a new entry! hehe

That's all I guess. Not much to write anymore, plus the fact that I have a report in 5 mins. So there! An update of my life! Until the next time!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Hot damn! been a long time again..i always keep forgetting to update this..oh well, at least i remembered now right? haha

anyway, a lot of things have happened again since my last post..I'am no longer in Benilde, i was able to return to Ateneo. I plan to visit CSB again, if i have the time that is..haha I'm glad i got back, it puts everything into perspective now. Although I don't have a course now, I'm really pushing to get HIGH grades first. After all, it would make shifting a bit easier for a readmitted student like me. haha

Haaaay..I'm back in BLuerep again..WOOHOO..its been a while. A lot of new people, but i guess its just more friends for me..haha. I'm not committing to anything BIG as of now coz i don't wanna screw up my second chance in ADmu, but i try to help in my own ways! I saw the our new room in MVP, it's an acquired taste..haha but as long as Bluereppers are there, that's all i need!

I'm having the academic blues always shows itself ever since i got kicked out. My friends are presidents of orgs, are already graduating, and I feel they have accomplished a lot. I can't help but compare them to myself you know..the shoulda, woulda, couldas of my life. I know it was my fault, but i can't help but think that I wish it were different.

On a brighter side of my dreary life, i have new crushes! hahaha I get to see them almost everyday, but I try to restrain myself..haha! If any of you needs help, just say the word purty gurls! I hope you girls will watch Aladdin with the org tomorrow..haha *wishful thinking*

Ok that's it! the next update hopefully will be soon..if not, then i guess you'll just have to wait..haha I'm sleepy now..although i feel melancholy-ish coz my tito just died kanina..I will surely miss him. :' (

*Tito Glenn* - I know you're in a better place now and I know you now feel a happiness that we here on Earth try to pursue but few have achieved. We here can only bear the loss, but you will never be forgotten...Until we meet again Tito, you can rest now coz you have reached end of your journey and I pray that you're rest be everything that you have hoped for. I love you. You will always be the coolest "cuzn" we children have ever had! :' )

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A lot has happened since my last post here. hehe well to start, i finished a school year in CSB already..thank God! trisems suck..hahaha! :P I'm on summer break and awaiting judgement in Ateneo if i am to be readmitted..hope it goes my way.

on a lighter side of life, i've watched some plays of my friends...they were WONDERFUL!!! hahaha and i celebrated my birthday with my ateneo college frends and high school frends...i cud never ask for anything better. Ü I will miss CSB though..i had good frends there..especially crushes (u guys will always be in my heart nyahaha). I'm bumming now..going to Baguio in a few hours..tradition in teh family.

speaking of family,
my cousins are all studying in katipunan next year..hahaha..if i get readmitted, its family trips everyday..Ü

That's 21 now..i still feel like im 18 though..dunno why..hehe
just watched RENT the movie..u shud watch it.."No day but Today"! Ü
until the next time i get bored then! hehe

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Woohoo...what a day! hehe I visited katipunan today..i was gonna hang out in admu coz Bluerepers have wat the hell ryt? :) it was nice seeing familiar faces agen..especially Direk Chari..hahaha haaaayyyy...rehersals..SMs...Tech booths..DAmn! i wanna do it all again! but im restraining myself coz doing it prematurely wud screw everything i had planned (operation: katipunan comeback) so i contained my enthusiasm. hahah, it became EXTREMELY hard when Direk wanted to me to be Stage manager again..i understand that they're undercasted, but I'm not sure if i could commit..i dont want to disappoint anyone by doing my job half heartedly coz im juggling stuff again...ive been there. Well, i'll have to see till December coz thats when skul ends..i just hope Ateneo readmits me..if they dont..well, im stuck between a rock and a hard place..hehehe
that's all for all bluereppers! BREAK A LEG GUYS!!!!!!!

P.S The commute from my house to ateneo is HELL OF A LOT better than to CSB...Dammit!?!?