Thursday, July 08, 2010

Welcome to my "new" blog.

I've decided to make this my general purpose blog and gear it towards a more "positive" direction. I got myself a new look and decided to write anything I'm interested in. More importantly, however, is this little goal I have for myself and this blog. And since this is a rebirth of sorts, I'm going to explain the new concept now:


A colloquial, Filipino word used by people in my generation (kids these days don't actually use it anymore...I think they use "imba" now). It means, literally, monster. Applied to skills and talents, it means one has monster skills and talents. That word is reserved for people who excel. To people at their best. Now you know the concept, now to share my goal:

To make myself and others MAMAW.

I won't be including this theme in all of my posts, but I will direct them in this general direction. So not everything will be inspirational, but most of it will be positive. Not everything will be relevant, but most of it will be interesting. Being the best, and sharing the best, so that others will be at their best (sounds like a tagline haha).

So stay tuned for this new direction. And welcome. Mamaw starts now. :)

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