Monday, February 15, 2010

Hi again. :)

Wow! now, It's really been sooooooooooo long since my last post. I just remembered to write out of sheer boredom. But as I look back at my previous posts, it seems that boredom really does fuel my passion in writing in this very old and ancient blog. hahaha

Another chapter in my Chronicle that is my life. I already graduated from Ateneo. It's been a good 6 years of very eclectic college education. I can't say I have enjoyed all of it, but it was indeed a big experience I wouldn't change if I were given a chance. It was different, much how different everyday of our lives are, and because of this, it sort of prepared me for rough (and mostly boring) times ahead.

I have inadvertently taken a year before realizing that being delayed in school doesn't bode well to the would-be employers of my future career (of which I still haven't figured out just yet). I have dabbled in some rackets to keep the money train chugging. Fortunately, all of them were good experiences for me. I still am not jaded from work like most post graduate workers feel.

But aside from that, my social life has gotten a tad bit different than last you heard from me. and NO, the elusive girl for me is still being elusive. I have seen a particular one actually, let's just say that her smile is one of the things I really want to protect. After all, all girls get prettier the moment they start smiling. What I meant, actually, was I found a semi-niche group of friends. We hang out most if not all the time now. It feels great. For a person who wrote emo (I'm sorry, they were still called senti) poems in high school, I'm really grateful for being able to share memories with them. It feels...right.

Wow, this entry seems like a long one. So I'll stop right here. Until the next spurt of boredom then. Oh wait it's valentine's...demn...deja vu. :P

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