Tuesday, December 24, 2002

I'll post some of my works after tomorow...
if only there was inspiration...ahhhhhh...
Damn this life!?Ü
i will now post poems every week...i hope..Ü

Monday, December 23, 2002

somethings wrong with my blog!!! its slow...
“Spirit of the Flame”

I feel hopeless upon this place,
Losing hope, losing my face,
When will I overcome this horrible phase
Of hopeless dreams and boundless disgrace?

The task I have yet to fulfill,
The space is hard to fill,
Even though, I have reached the limit of my will,
It seems hard to reach the top of the hill.

But what is this I feel?
Something strong and unreal,
It opened what I had to conceal,
It made my strength heal

It empowered me to continue,
The flame in me that grew,
My dreams, it made me pursue,
Blessed be thy spirit, for it made me anew.
Nasa orasan ang buhay,
Unti-unting nawawalay,
Ikot ng mga kamay,
Nawawalan ng malay,

Tumatakbo ang oras,
di pwedeng tumakas,
mauubos ang bukas,
mawawalan ng lunas,

Ang pag-ikot ng orasan,
Panoorin at pagmasdan,
Ang kampana’y pakinggan,
Makakuha ng kasiyahan.

Ang mga aral na naidulot,
Ang mga nakakabagabag na takot,
Pati ang mga kasayihang napulot,
Makukuha sa orasang umiikot.

Anger is raging in my blood,
Revenge is playing in my mind,
My body has accepted the cold mud,
I feel hatred for my kind

The path I took I will not regret,
My soul has accepted my fate,
I will not pay my horrible debt,
I will not appear in heaven’s gate,

The souls I took while walking this path
Has made my life so short,
Yet they deserved my horrible wrath,
To atone for my sins I will not resort,

So comes my life of hatred and pain,
I will not allow them to put me to shame.

The winds of autumn breathe life unto thee,
Fallen leaves dying upon shallow ground,
Yet thy beauty resting on the bright sea,
In beauty, cries of death shall not be found
The moon shines with heaven’s consent
Stars sparkle humbly before its beauty,
Dawn shall rise, the sun, they bow for time spent,
When thy grace lightens up the land’s bounty
Flowers stand with pride so true
Gracing their beauty upon my lost heart
But thy rose so pure knowing its place too
Soil of my being in thee shall not part
Thy tale from which I tell your loveliness,
In me, you shall remain my life’s princess.
Love’s prayer
By Carlo Montaño

In this room I sit in the darkness of time,
Watching, waiting, my soul is lost,
Speechless words I utter like a mime,
My heart is frozen by this frost,
Cold, my heart is hard like stone,
My existence still, motionless, ever dark,
This chill that shatters me to the bone,
In me, loneliness has made its mark,
But there is this light that shines within me,
The light that longed to dissipate,
It began to shine as bright as can be,
The light has become my fate,
To thee, I still have the light
For thee, I will continue to fight.
A Journey

These are moments that God has blessed,
Where you see your beautiful life shine at its best,
Giving you a chance to show to the rest,
What you have realized along your quest.

Life has given you joys and cheers,
It bestowed you smiles throughout your years,
It blocked your path and gave you fears,
But you still continued fighting your tears.

Along this road, you have strolled,
Fighting your way, so strong and bold,
Helping others struggle the cold,
Coz for in you rests a heart of gold,

So in this moment, I honor you,
A friend so loving and true,
Along this road, I will do,
Is to help you see all this through,

For I will be here, cheering you on,
Giving you strength until you have won,
Continue to be God’s loving pawn,
Being the light to those who have gone

Ni Carlo Montaño

Nakita ko siya padaan sa tabi ko,
Ano na ang gagawin ko nito?
Malapit na siya, ‘di ako kumibo,
Alam kaya niya ang aking sekreto?

Puso’y nakatago, ayaw gumalaw,
Paubos ang oras bago siya’y bumitaw,
Nakakuha ng lakas, paningi’y luminaw,
Ngayo’y haharapin ang kanyang silaw,

Nang siya’y dumaan, ako’y napansin,
Ngiting ka-ayaaya nang ako’y batiin,
Ngiti lang ginamit para siya’y sagutin,
Puso ko’y sumigla, ngunit ayaw sabihin,

Lumagpas siya sa paningin kong roon,
Puso’y ngumiti, biglang lumingon,
Siya’y nakita, kagandahan ang tugon,
Ako’y napangiti, pinaasa sa panahon.