Friday, April 01, 2011

As I Write This...

As of this moment, there are a bunch of people getting together partying and joy rising somewhere in Makati. This bunch of people might seem like your ordinary, run-of-the-mill party folk but actually, there's more to them than meets the eye (and no, they are not robots, it would be cool if they were though).

This bunch of people are the kind of people that go to parties to forget their worries (sometimes, facing them). They miss each other even though they see each other every so often (with a few exceptions). They are there where the music hits hardest, rocking to tunes and singing along as if fate has brought them together. Worries and bad vibes have no place within this bunch of people. They are having a good time, some in excess for those who could not make it, and some, to bring themselves up from whatever pits they were before. As the bass hits, and the guitar strings vibrate, I know these bunch of people are shouting, raising their drinks and cheering themselves on, sometimes to the detriment of onlookers, but who cares? They see each meeting as fate, each shout in unison as rare experiences.

Now, you might think that these bunch of people are all that, but I tell you their not. Just as an amazing set ends, so does silences and low points enter. These people also have their burdens to carry outside their partying. Some may be heavier than others, but after the music dies down, they return to their game faces. They walk their paths in solitude, but they are never alone.

As I write this, a bunch of people are out in Makati, smiling and joy rising. And you are wondering why I'm not part of it. But I am. Of course I can't hear the banging of the drums or shredding of the guitar or even see the wave of hands going up and down as they cheer for awesome music. I'm there whenever they smile, and believe me, I know they are smiling right now. The thing with this group of people is you don't need to be there, to be with them. When a group of people like them get together, they bring everyone. So I know I'm with them. They brought me there. They are making me jump with them, making me sing until my lungs explode. To this end, this bunch of people will always amaze me.

By now you must be wondering who these bunch of people are. Some of you may even have guessed it already: friends. Everyone has them. I, for one, feel especially lucky for these bunch of people I call friends because even though I'm here at home, typing away about them, they are partying and letting the joy rise for everyone. Sometimes I wonder what I did to have this privilege of belonging to this group. Funnily enough, whenever I do bunch up with them, I always forget why I asked that question in the first place.


Chenyl said...

Aww Mayor, gout has made you sentimental. I heard "I miss Mayor" at least five different times last night, just so you know. Hope to see you on Sunday, yeah? :D

Carlo Montaño said...

more appreciative than sentimental. hehe ;)