Saturday, November 12, 2005

Woohoo...what a day! hehe I visited katipunan today..i was gonna hang out in admu coz Bluerepers have wat the hell ryt? :) it was nice seeing familiar faces agen..especially Direk Chari..hahaha haaaayyyy...rehersals..SMs...Tech booths..DAmn! i wanna do it all again! but im restraining myself coz doing it prematurely wud screw everything i had planned (operation: katipunan comeback) so i contained my enthusiasm. hahah, it became EXTREMELY hard when Direk wanted to me to be Stage manager again..i understand that they're undercasted, but I'm not sure if i could commit..i dont want to disappoint anyone by doing my job half heartedly coz im juggling stuff again...ive been there. Well, i'll have to see till December coz thats when skul ends..i just hope Ateneo readmits me..if they dont..well, im stuck between a rock and a hard place..hehehe
that's all for all bluereppers! BREAK A LEG GUYS!!!!!!!

P.S The commute from my house to ateneo is HELL OF A LOT better than to CSB...Dammit!?!?

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