Friday, August 18, 2006

Hot damn! been a long time again..i always keep forgetting to update this..oh well, at least i remembered now right? haha

anyway, a lot of things have happened again since my last post..I'am no longer in Benilde, i was able to return to Ateneo. I plan to visit CSB again, if i have the time that is..haha I'm glad i got back, it puts everything into perspective now. Although I don't have a course now, I'm really pushing to get HIGH grades first. After all, it would make shifting a bit easier for a readmitted student like me. haha

Haaaay..I'm back in BLuerep again..WOOHOO..its been a while. A lot of new people, but i guess its just more friends for me..haha. I'm not committing to anything BIG as of now coz i don't wanna screw up my second chance in ADmu, but i try to help in my own ways! I saw the our new room in MVP, it's an acquired taste..haha but as long as Bluereppers are there, that's all i need!

I'm having the academic blues always shows itself ever since i got kicked out. My friends are presidents of orgs, are already graduating, and I feel they have accomplished a lot. I can't help but compare them to myself you know..the shoulda, woulda, couldas of my life. I know it was my fault, but i can't help but think that I wish it were different.

On a brighter side of my dreary life, i have new crushes! hahaha I get to see them almost everyday, but I try to restrain myself..haha! If any of you needs help, just say the word purty gurls! I hope you girls will watch Aladdin with the org tomorrow..haha *wishful thinking*

Ok that's it! the next update hopefully will be soon..if not, then i guess you'll just have to wait..haha I'm sleepy now..although i feel melancholy-ish coz my tito just died kanina..I will surely miss him. :' (

*Tito Glenn* - I know you're in a better place now and I know you now feel a happiness that we here on Earth try to pursue but few have achieved. We here can only bear the loss, but you will never be forgotten...Until we meet again Tito, you can rest now coz you have reached end of your journey and I pray that you're rest be everything that you have hoped for. I love you. You will always be the coolest "cuzn" we children have ever had! :' )

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