Thursday, August 19, 2010

Change Doesn't Have An Age Limit

For someone to bring about change, it has to come from the most noble of ideas. And nothing says noble than that of the pure ideas of a kid. Being a kid means to be idealistic. When we were young, we all wanted to be heard, to be able to talk to the people that matter and say to them that our ideas are gold. That our ideas can and will change this world for the better. We just need to be heard and listened to with respect, not like some cute little baby who said his/her first word, but as someone who wants to have something better than what the world is currently offering them. Listening to the youth is an untapped resource on how to make the world a better place.

But for ourselves, bringing our voice to the people that matter is a difficult, if not entirely impossible, endeavor. We lose something  as we go through the gears and cogs of our society and end up "growing out" of this idealism. Then we see other people, more youthful than ourselves, thinking, or perhaps, regretting that we didn't do as much as we wanted with that enthusiasm that we had before. But all is not lost.

We teach our youth to dream BIG and live LARGE. We should create the world to cater to that humongous freedom we gave them. Believe in yourselves and in what you can do. It is not to late to talk to the people that matter and tell them you got some ideas you want to share. How can we give our children idealism when we ourselves do not possess it. Age is not a hindrance to positive change whether you're 12 or you're 60. Every person has an idea to make this place we are living in better. Listen to them and maybe, just maybe, that idea might just save this world.

To end, I give you a video I saw at Facebook. It's of Severn Suzuki, a then 12 year old girl talking to the dignitaries of states of the UN during the year 1992. Listen to her and you might find out that what she was clamoring for 18 years ago, is more or less similar to what we are clamoring for now.

Be agents of positive change everyone!!! :)

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