Sunday, July 11, 2010

Music to make your heart stand and your troubles leave

I just came from a REALLY awesome gig last night! Kudos to Stories of Now for producing a night of celebrated artistry and overall good times. The bands who participated were all awesome in their own right: some up-and-coming while others seasoned veterans. Can't wait to hear more from them in the future Songs and Stories productions.

But one band in particular stood out. Maybe because it has been a while since I got to watch them perform. But after months of not seeing them, One Walks Away is as electrifying as ever! (and I'm not talking about the electrocuting that was happening that night haha :p) It's good to see them back in their game. And to think, they went on a break because some members of the band were fathers-to-be! haha! MAMAW talaga! If these guys start doing regular gigs again, you guys owe it to yourselves to catch them.

To give you a taste of their is a video from their "acoustic phase" back when they were called streamline. This is an original by them entitled Leave. Hope you enjoy the song (or appreciate what the song talks about hahaha)! :)

*To all aspiring musicians out there, just continue to play, no matter what!

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