Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ignorance isn't bliss



Definition of BULLY

transitive verb
: to treat abusively
: to affect by means of force or coercion

Details coming soon.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

A Fun Little Story

This is a picture narrative of a heartwarming story of courage, strength, and eternal hope.

This is the story of...


One day, at Forging Around, Jill is doing the usual work of talking to boys, I mean clients about various swords and the usual metallurgy. Then suddenly...

A man bursts into the smithy, saying, "One of the children from the party is MISSING!" Jill was shocked! Nothing like this has happened before! With her wits about, she decided to try to find the child...

Ignoring the weird fact that the two men enjoyed that conversation about the lost kid, Jill said to herself, "I shall make a bell so the child could hear it and come back!" So with her talent at hand she starts preparing her...


With heat in place...

Her artistry overflows...

"I will make this the best bell that FORGING AROUND has created," Jill shouted as she pounded the raw metal!

With each strike of the hammer, the metal shone like no other until...

The metal gave off a brilliant light! "Good, I'm halfway there," Jill said to herself. But all the forging sapped her strength.

She retreated upstairs to her room, trying to rest and sooth her painful hands, but the thought of the missing child was too much for her to stay idle. "The child is not given rest out there, so neither will I!"

She went and decided to work, even in the darkest hours of the night until she realizes in horror that she just ran out of supplies. "Crap!," she said to herself. But not all is lost. She suddenly thought that the town shoppe might still be open!

Hoping against hope, she hurried into the messenger post, hoping the night messenger wasn't finished making his rounds. "If I can just write down the stuff I need, maybe there's a chance that...that..OMG...CRAP! There's a guy coming toward me!!!!!"

Turning ever so slowly, she realized it was the same boy she had spoken to earlier. She had enough of this boy..but he insisted on chatting. "OMG..I'm tired of this," she thought to herself but she obliged to give an ear to the boy's whimsical conversation. But that proved harsh, because after everything was done, she realized she sent the letter an hour and a half after. She thought it might already be too late.

And it was true. The night messenger came and said the shoppe was already closed. Fighting with fatigue and lack of sleep, Jill is finding the strength not to give up. She decided if the shoppe could not deliver her the materials, she would have to get it herself! Channeling the deepest hope in her heart, Jill set forth to find the materials she needed.

She traveled far to the graveyard and found the mystical ore she needed. But she needed to strike it to bring out its power. But she was tired, sleepy and her body was in pain. But the thought of the child in this darkness brought out her inner strength. So with all her might and soul, she shouted...




And with that strike, the ore permanently glowed. It was then she knew she had it. She went back to Forging Around and completed her mighty bell.

Fully rested the next day, Jill set forth ringing the bell and relaying to the townfolk to report if they have seen a missing child wandering trying to reach the sound of the bell. 

And for a while, it seemed she hit another rut, but good fortune smiles on the hardworking. She met an old lady who informed her of a child coming out of a bush in the forest just a while ago. Glowing with hope, Jill sets forth for the forest.

And hope was celebrated as she found the missing child. The boy wandered off because he was bored. Jill told him not to do it again. And as the boy walks off back to town, Jill felt a rush of experience flow through her, truly this was a moment that made her a better person.

So this is the end of such a tale. A tale of challenges and the inner strength to believe that you can overcome them. Let this be an inspiration to all. For nothing can compare to the heat of one's resolve and the hammer of one's fortitude..much like the forge of..


*The End*

Join us next time for another heroic character's adventure to the unknown...

PS - Maw, Peace tayo! :p