Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Joy Rise Dissected

There are a lot people (And it may include you) that may wonder what is this term I keep yelling, saying, chanting, or even acting it out whenever I'm with friends. In fact, there are a couple of people who asked me what the hell is Joy Rise about and how did it come to be synonymous to who I am. I'm writing this in hopes of shedding some light into the matter.

It started in the once awesome hangout known as the barracks. Whenever we hung out there, my friends and I more often than not begin to reminisce on anything that involves our childhood (Cartoons, music, toys, food, etc.) Since Gnossis (their computer) was there, we would load up songs from the depths of nostalgia and wallow in the memories these songs brought us in the past. For some reason, the music turned to Techno. Then all the cheezy techno music of my grade school and high school days came flooding back in.

One song that eventually came up was this song called "Let The Joy Rise (Thunderpuss 2000 club mix)" by Abigail, and yes, that is the actual title. This song was ALWAYS coupled with another favorite "Happy" by the Squareheads. They ALWAYS get played one after the other during those times. they were sort of the highlight songs of the night or something.

And so, while I was with friends at the barracks, I told the story of how in all techno songs, there is a climax part where the song just prompts the crowd to go their wildest. "Let The Joy Rise" had that moment down! And as I demonstrated how people would act while at this peak, the alternating hands toward the sky action while looking up, soon became known as The Joy Rise to my friends.

So you know where it came from..but that is just the first part of this long epic tale!


I was planning my 90's themed birthday dinner. So I downloaded 90's songs including the famous Joy Rise. When I searched (more like hunted) a downloadable copy, I came across a Youtube video of the song with lyrics.

Reading the lyrics and understanding it struck a chord in me. Behind the flashy techno beat and very very catchy tune lies a message that resonates with me. It's knowing a way to lift yourself up. It's keeping the smile, keeping the happiness, keeping the joy rising. And ever since that time I re-read the lyrics, I've always tried to make the the joy rise every time. It may seem like I'm just being a party animal whenever I'm with my friends, and looking at it, it may seem so. But the difference, for me anyway, is that whenever I do "let the joy rise" I know, for that moment, for that night, for that meeting, I gave them a reason to smile and be happy. And when life throws you shitty stuff left and right, reasons to smile start to come few and far between one another.

Again, It's knowing a way to lift yourself and go beyond that by lifting up other people. That's why I Joy Rise on every occasion. It's a chance for me to help people stop dwelling and start rising. And seeing my friends happy is what lifts me up, so it serves me a double purpose as well.

So the Joy Rise started out as a joke, then it turned into a philosophy. My dream is for it to be a movement because can you imagine people joy rising other people?!

That's something I most probably would like to see. :)

Smile guys! You can do it!

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