Friday, February 16, 2007

ahhhh...long time again eh? hahaha I just can't get myself to update this regularly. oh well, at least this is better than nothing right?

Today's my birthday! I'm 22 years old now. God, time really does fly, whether you're having fun or not. I look back and wonder if I can really say that I have done a lot upto now. I'm so intertwined with my academic life that I feel like I haven't done much. It's all reading, writing, studying, reporting. When I see my friends with their theses and business proposals, my mind always wanders to the shoulda woulda couldas of my academic yesteryears. But right now, I'm here, still alive, and definitely kicking! I face whatever wrath or hell's fury that await me. Hellfire and Brimstone? I say Bring it!

Of course, since It's my birthday, it is also a known fact that another special day has just recently passed, that's right, Valentines! I usually treat this day as a day I would comfort countless people who have it hard during this intense day. But this year, it was different. Finally, for the first time ever, I, myself, sucked in my pride, and gave a girl a rose. This is not one of those debutante shindigs, mind you. In putting it in more cliche terms, I finally made that leap of faith. The girl was someone special. But alas, she was kind enough, and honest enough, to tell me right off the bat, that she wasn't interested. I can hear the awwwws coming from you guys, but note that I'm happy. I don't regret it! That leap of faith helped me in ways I can't fully comprehend. It's as if my world brightened up, not in the happiness kind of way, but in a clarity kind of way. And it's all thanks to that girl, I will always like her..that i think, will never change.
Why do I like her? Well, that's a story worthy of a new entry! hehe

That's all I guess. Not much to write anymore, plus the fact that I have a report in 5 mins. So there! An update of my life! Until the next time!

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