Friday, April 15, 2011

Happiness to the Unlearned

People often say, and in fact, most of us would hear that there are people who have found "a happiness that changed their life". All of us would want that right? The funny thing is most of these people who accomplished such a feat would tell you that the secret to it is to, "live positively" in other words, "be happy". I might have missed a memo somewhere because of course you're going to find're happy! I'm happy all the time, so why doesn't it feel life-changing? So I guess I'm one of the unlearned, one of the people who want this happiness that people speak of. But I believe that to learn of this happiness is not totally impossible. I guess start with what makes you happy.

For me, happiness cannot stand on it's own. It has to cling to something that makes it tangible for you. A favorite toy makes me happy, food makes me happy, friends make me happy. But somehow that is not the kind of happiness that I'm looking for in this case. How can these be life-changing? Funnily enough, a friend of mine gave me a clue.

My friend text messages me after we hung out that she was happy just seeing me. I apologized beforehand because I thought I didn't do much, just sat there and watched people walk by. But that didn't matter. My presence actually made someone happy. Then it hits me. I'm not that sure of it, but maybe I can learn this life-changing happiness when I change other people's lives by making them happy. It's a step beyond which opens up to whole lot more.

I'm still trying to get there (hope you guys have better luck than me). In that instant, in that simple text message, I realized that I can make a person happy just by being there. How many people's lives do you think you changed because you made them happy just by being there? Imagine, if you gather all that happiness you have given, then you arrive at a happiness and fulfillment that is greater than yourself. And to think, that's just being there. What more if you actually did something or gave something?! And that not even counting the times your friends made you happy because they were there for you. Bottom line, happiness is HUGE, and you are just the tip of the iceberg.

Due to that, I may have shed a little light on my query. I can't say I learned what those famous and wise people experienced, but I definitely can say that I know why it would be life-changing. So as I look at the people who make me happy and the people I shared happiness with, I continue on this journey and maybe one day, I can be one of those people. I now have a path, which I hope you guys can join in too. Be the happiness that changes people, and someday it might change you.

Happy Searching! :)

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