Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A lot has happened since my last post here. hehe well to start, i finished a school year in CSB already..thank God! trisems suck..hahaha! :P I'm on summer break and awaiting judgement in Ateneo if i am to be readmitted..hope it goes my way.

on a lighter side of life, i've watched some plays of my friends...they were WONDERFUL!!! hahaha and i celebrated my birthday with my ateneo college frends and high school frends...i cud never ask for anything better. Ü I will miss CSB though..i had good frends there..especially crushes (u guys will always be in my heart nyahaha). I'm bumming now..going to Baguio in a few hours..tradition in teh family.

speaking of family,
my cousins are all studying in katipunan next year..hahaha..if i get readmitted, its family trips everyday..Ü

That's 21 now..i still feel like im 18 though..dunno why..hehe
just watched RENT the movie..u shud watch it.."No day but Today"! Ü
until the next time i get bored then! hehe


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