Sunday, October 12, 2003

A Poem

What makes a poem?
What makes it poetic?
Is it the words?
Or maybe the rhymes?
People keep telling me
Poetry is something deep,
But then some think
The best poetry are the simple ones
I’m confused…
Isn’t it enough to convey what I feel?
Does it have to be written with such depth,
That people interpret it a dozen ways?
What’s the fuss about anyway,
Convey more, Feel more…
What the hell,
That’s just how I feel…
How can a poem come from the heart
When they are so many
Damn rules
To follow…
I feel what I feel,
Write about it,
That’s it,
No rules, no rhymes whatsoever…
My poems are about myself,
And that enough makes it a poem,
I don’t want it better nor deeper…
I want the feeling stuck in time…
Why would I make it deeper
I myself couldn’t even understand,
My truth is what makes my works


In fact, this isn’t a poem…
You wanna know why…
Because it just isn’t…


Wednesday, October 01, 2003

3 Weeks of Paradise

Hell is over,
They have walked through hellfire and brimstone
The struggle is over,
The war is at truce

Tranquility has arisen,
Silence ruled the land
Of a once cruel battlefield,
Of tears and of sweat...

A sheer cry stabbed the silence,
Voices rise from the peace
The alpha voice makes a shrill cry,
Victory is theirs...

Some cry for joy,
Others mourn for the casualties...
Some went back to their families...
At last, they are happy

Bands play their victory tunes,
Beers were drunk in triumph...
Medals were given for the courageous
Traitors were given proper discharge...

While others were enjoying the peace,
Some were planning for the next battle...
While battle plans were being made,
Others cried for their lose

They were happy,
The peak of such joy and triumph,
But the truce isn't forever,
Soon...war will start once again.
The Place In Between

I'm in this place,
between joy and regret,
between dreams and reality...
there I stand confused

Where do I turn?
I'm afraid...

It's so hard
to move to one side
My feet desires to move
but my spirit holds it back

I feel the warmth from one side
But got burned when i got close
As I felt a cool breeze on the other
But got frozen when I got closer

I feel so helpless,
Unable to move
Still pondering on where to go,
My heart is in doubt...

I continue to stand,
In this place in between,
To finally choose...
Across The Table

Across the table, I look at you,
Eyes, sparkling...
Smile, breath-taking...
Laughing at jokes,
and smiling so lovingly

Across the table, you don't notice me,
staring at your beauty,
feelings, hidden...
heart, beating...
My life brightnes with your voice

Across the table, I see a princess,
An angel beyond words...
Such a beautiful face...
The lady of my heart

Across the table, I'm left speechless,
My heart shouting...
Beauty beyond words...
Kindness beyond limits...
If only my heart could speak...

Across the table, You see me,
friends amongst people,
You smiled at me...
I smiled back...

Saturday, September 27, 2003

sori if it took a long time in stuff ksi..anyweiz, bye peeps! :)
Red In a Sea of Gray

My eyes are tired
Watching a vision of dullness
People, cars, even trees...
They all look gray to me

I try to find something
A different color
In the things i see...but
The grayness has overwhelmed me

As i continue to walk
Hope screaming for oblivion
A flicker, a sparkle of flame
I see red in her brightest of shades

My eyes staring at her
Nervous yet relieved
A bright rose has pricked my mind
Awakening me from the dull gray

The moment froze as she was beside me
She smiled in the loveliest of pinks
A tingle of warmth has banished the dullness
Gray dissipated into colors so vivid

The moment has passed
As she vanished into the vibrant colors
A smile peeked upon my face
My heart realizes its favorite color

I walk now with vision so vivid
Yet uneasiness hovers above
For in the eyes of that color so lovely
I might be just a gray like people around me...

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

It Might Have Been

Everyday, I see you,
Your loving smile...
Your beautiful face...
If i had stared a little longer,
You might have noticed me.

Everyday, we joke around,
Your funny smile...
Your enchanting face...
If i joked around a little longer,
You might have noticed my sense of humor.

Everyday, we text each other,
Your charming personality...
Your beautiful soul...
If i texted a little longer,
You might have noticed I'm always there.

Sometimes, we don't see each other,
Don't see your face...
Neither hear your voice...
If I missed you a little longer,
You might have missed me too.

All my life, I will love you,
To see you smile,
To see you happy.
If i loved you a little longer,
Then maybe...
Just maybe...
You might have fallen for me too.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

To love a soul

The sun rises on the horizon
A day comes anew
Like any other…
But something has gone astray
This feeling…
A burden…
Breath heavy
Gasping for air…
Slight confusion…
What is this?

Eyes close
Flash of light…
A single moment
I saw you…
Memories start to follow
Sweat trickles on
My cold skin…
Body chilling
Soul trembling
Heart dying
Tears fall…

Within me
Lies depression…
A pain full
Of regret…
Love once bound by the heart
Before seeing the
Light of day…

I long to see you…
To complete my being once again
Why is life so harsh
Remorse too great…
Pain so unbearable…
Tears uncontrollable…

I lay down
Tears falling
Hoping to wake
From this

I cry…
Hoping u can hear me…
Yearning to tell you
What my heart has chained
Eyes teary…
Drops of regret fall
Upon the cruel floor

I wanted to say…
I love you…
Words hidden in my heart…
But my words
Are meaningless
To you now…
A soul…
Nothing more…

Monday, May 12, 2003

Radiance in the dark

In the moonlit shadows
Of darkness and gloom
A silent field of
Murk and shade

A lady sitting
Upon a tree’s
Yet ever graceful…
With moonlit aura
Upon her skin…
A pale façade of beauty
A shadow of enchanting light

Her eyes
Gems of the night
An entrancing shimmer
Glistens as moonlight
Over a calm lake

A face of splendor
Hidden beneath
A mask of shade…
Princess of beauty
Captive of darkness

An inner light
Bound in despair
To shatter the shackles
To be free…

Saturday, May 10, 2003

Bitter Sweet Chocolate Chip

As I walked along
I saw this cookie
I stopped…
My mouth watered
Impatient in delight…
The sweet looking chocolate…
The hot goodness of its dough…
I licked my lips
I felt the hunger

Time flew like crazy
Next thing I knew
I held the warm delight
In my eagerly open palm
Its so close…
The moment has come…
I can feel its heat…
Calling me to take a bite…
To fulfill its purpose…

Time froze
As I answered its call
I felt its warmth…
Sweet and chewy…
The feeling vanished
Desire faded…
It wasn’t anything special…
Deceived by its looks
The uniqueness gone…
My hunger unsatisfied…

I looked at it…
A once fulfilling
Thing that caught
My eye…
Now the sweetness was gone
Lost in its bitterness…
I released it…
Saving me from the discomfort…
I drank water…

To remove the bitterness
But it stayed
In my tongue…
In my mouth…
In my mind…

Now I feel pain…
Bitter sweet discomfort in my tooth…
It stung like crazy…
A pain that won’t
Go away easily…
I looked around
And saw a chance
Another treat
Much delectable
Like the first…
This would remove the pain…

hi there peepz,
long time no post ah..hehe
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id appreciate ur comments or suggestions to my new
form of poetry...hope u enjoy it..
thnx agen ol!

Sunday, March 30, 2003

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Sunday, March 23, 2003

by Christine Umali

I tripped
I fell
I bumped my head
I closed my eyes
Darkness all over me
The sudden rush of pain is all over my body
From the fractured feet
To my bleeding head
From my broken limb
To my torn muscles
From my tired weary heart
To my tortured soul
The overwhelming feeling
The excruciating pain
Embraces my whole being
Lonely past and regrets
Visits me like ghouls
The pain is taking over me
I’m blinded by hatred
Eyes burning with anger
After I exhaust myself
I find myself lying
I am still alone
Body numb
The only thing I can feel is the gushing pain
My heart it is still pumping blood
I can feel it through my veins
The pain I still can feel
I am still alive
After all…
I've Finally Found You
by Dana

Spread your wings, and I'll fly with you
You are probably the most wonderful girl I've ever
But one thing that I know is for sure�
I've finally found you.
Your beautiful smile that makes
My day and night complete
Your brown eyes which shine
Like a Sun in the morning and Stars at night
Shower me with your love,
And I'll show you how a girl should be loved
I might be in love. But one thing that I know is for
I've finally found you.
Every time I go to sleep at night
I always dream that you'll be here right by my side
Kissing you, touching you, and hoping you'll be mine
' Till the end of time. I'll be loving you forever
'Coz you are a treasure in my heart.

Sunday, March 16, 2003

Every Cold Night
By Carlo Montaño

Every cold night,
I wait at His house,
Nothing fancy, just simple and plain.

The cold is unnerving,
Yet why am I still waiting?
For Him to answer my call.

He’s just a man,
Nothing unusual and strange,
But why am I waiting outside of His house,
Praying to Him to open the door.

My bones are chilling,
But why am I anxious,
To talk to this guy about life,

I’m still standing in this winter frost.
He’s just normal like me,
But why am I yearning,
To hear His answers to my questions within,

I’m freezing in this cold shroud,
But why am I waiting outside this plain house,
Yearning to see this ordinary man,
And His answer to my call,

Every cold night.
Don’t Call
By Carlo Montaño

Don’t call,
Not right now,
Not at this moment,
Coz I don’t know if I’m ready.

Don’t call,
For throughout my life,
I didn’t answer,
The previous calls You made before.

Don’t call,
For inside me,
Is a confused soul,
Still pondering on its purpose

Don’t call,
Coz I’m scared of facing the task You put on me,
The dark that will come my way,
The sadness it may bring

Don’t call,
Am I even worthy?
A sinner like me,
Dwells in dark and sin

Don’t call,
Coz sometimes I don’t hear,
The calls You have made,
Coz of problems and pain.

Don’t call,
But still continue to call
Coz I know I don’t have meaning,
If I knew You weren’t calling.
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Sunday, January 26, 2003

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