Friday, March 25, 2011

Life as we know it

People have just got to trust life. Life knows what it is doing. After all, it just takes it's direction from where you aim it. It may throw you to happy times, and it may throw you more crap than you wanted. Life takes it's form from who you are, and sometimes, people just need to back off a little and appreciate where life took them. If life took the scenic route, reminisce on the memories that made you smile, and if life took a bumpy ride, remember and treasure the things that made you strong enough to see it through.

So whether you're still riding the life's wave, or just starting to aim life at a certain direction, or even standing on where life already took you, appreciate it. There is beauty there. There is happiness there. Life is intrinsically positive, so should you. :)

Life is where you aim it.

Are you ready? Ok, aim...go! Ride life with a smile. I'll be catching you all on the flipside. :)

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