Sunday, March 23, 2003

by Christine Umali

I tripped
I fell
I bumped my head
I closed my eyes
Darkness all over me
The sudden rush of pain is all over my body
From the fractured feet
To my bleeding head
From my broken limb
To my torn muscles
From my tired weary heart
To my tortured soul
The overwhelming feeling
The excruciating pain
Embraces my whole being
Lonely past and regrets
Visits me like ghouls
The pain is taking over me
I’m blinded by hatred
Eyes burning with anger
After I exhaust myself
I find myself lying
I am still alone
Body numb
The only thing I can feel is the gushing pain
My heart it is still pumping blood
I can feel it through my veins
The pain I still can feel
I am still alive
After all…

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