Sunday, March 16, 2003

Don’t Call
By Carlo Montaño

Don’t call,
Not right now,
Not at this moment,
Coz I don’t know if I’m ready.

Don’t call,
For throughout my life,
I didn’t answer,
The previous calls You made before.

Don’t call,
For inside me,
Is a confused soul,
Still pondering on its purpose

Don’t call,
Coz I’m scared of facing the task You put on me,
The dark that will come my way,
The sadness it may bring

Don’t call,
Am I even worthy?
A sinner like me,
Dwells in dark and sin

Don’t call,
Coz sometimes I don’t hear,
The calls You have made,
Coz of problems and pain.

Don’t call,
But still continue to call
Coz I know I don’t have meaning,
If I knew You weren’t calling.

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