Wednesday, October 01, 2003

3 Weeks of Paradise

Hell is over,
They have walked through hellfire and brimstone
The struggle is over,
The war is at truce

Tranquility has arisen,
Silence ruled the land
Of a once cruel battlefield,
Of tears and of sweat...

A sheer cry stabbed the silence,
Voices rise from the peace
The alpha voice makes a shrill cry,
Victory is theirs...

Some cry for joy,
Others mourn for the casualties...
Some went back to their families...
At last, they are happy

Bands play their victory tunes,
Beers were drunk in triumph...
Medals were given for the courageous
Traitors were given proper discharge...

While others were enjoying the peace,
Some were planning for the next battle...
While battle plans were being made,
Others cried for their lose

They were happy,
The peak of such joy and triumph,
But the truce isn't forever,
Soon...war will start once again.

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