Saturday, September 27, 2003

Red In a Sea of Gray

My eyes are tired
Watching a vision of dullness
People, cars, even trees...
They all look gray to me

I try to find something
A different color
In the things i see...but
The grayness has overwhelmed me

As i continue to walk
Hope screaming for oblivion
A flicker, a sparkle of flame
I see red in her brightest of shades

My eyes staring at her
Nervous yet relieved
A bright rose has pricked my mind
Awakening me from the dull gray

The moment froze as she was beside me
She smiled in the loveliest of pinks
A tingle of warmth has banished the dullness
Gray dissipated into colors so vivid

The moment has passed
As she vanished into the vibrant colors
A smile peeked upon my face
My heart realizes its favorite color

I walk now with vision so vivid
Yet uneasiness hovers above
For in the eyes of that color so lovely
I might be just a gray like people around me...

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