Friday, November 11, 2005

FINALLY! after a very long hiatus..
I'm finally having the time to update this very old blog. hehehe :P I wont dedicate this blog to my poems anymore because I seldom write nowadays, but I'll try to write once in a while. Ü What's happened to me since i stopped updating this? A LOT! hahaha... I'm studying in CSB now. A big big change from Admu..but its was my fault anyways, i thought i could juggle priorities..apparently i wasnt up to the task..but i'm trying to redeem myself..hope it works out though..haha well anyway, i had long hair, then cut it short, then now its kinda long agen..haha that's how long time passed. I miss all of my friends in in more than they ever could imagine..but it doesnt mean instant loner ako sa Benilde, i have friends rin.. mas maraming experiences ako in maybe thats why.
That's it!!!! ill try updating more regularly..hahaha ok guys! peace out!

P.S -------the MRT should change thier just sucks!!! hahaha

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