Monday, December 23, 2002

A Journey

These are moments that God has blessed,
Where you see your beautiful life shine at its best,
Giving you a chance to show to the rest,
What you have realized along your quest.

Life has given you joys and cheers,
It bestowed you smiles throughout your years,
It blocked your path and gave you fears,
But you still continued fighting your tears.

Along this road, you have strolled,
Fighting your way, so strong and bold,
Helping others struggle the cold,
Coz for in you rests a heart of gold,

So in this moment, I honor you,
A friend so loving and true,
Along this road, I will do,
Is to help you see all this through,

For I will be here, cheering you on,
Giving you strength until you have won,
Continue to be God’s loving pawn,
Being the light to those who have gone

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